Calgary Alberta Sees Growing Real Estate Market Conditions

Like a good rollercoaster, the Calgary real estate market has seen its share of ups and downs. And as of late its been more down than up. Until late 2019 that is…

During June of 2019, and after 3 years or more of a buyers suppressed housing market, Calgary began to see signs of a positive trend in housing prices.

As Canada’s third largest metropolitan, its easy to see why Calgary would be a desirable place for Canadians looking for the most bang for their bucks when it comes to real estate.

With a sub-400k average home cost in Calgary, this also makes buying here attractive. As most already know, the industry driving the economy of Alberta is the energy sector but worth noting also is the fact that agriculture is also high on the list too.

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The lush mountainous surroundings of Calgary offer up some world-class locations including many parks, where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy to their hearts content. Just over an hour and a half away you will find one of the world’s natural wonders, Banff Park.

Banff National Park is a must see bucket list item for many people around the world. Here you can find emerald green lakes, snow capped mountains, and glaciers to name a few. It’s like the dream playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

We could on and on about all the exciting activities happening each year around Calgary but instead let’s focus on some of the most prominent affluent areas that are witnessing their own rise in popularity amongst homebuyers.

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Lake Bonavista is a quaint neighborhood of some 10,500 residents located in the southeast sector of Calgary. The developer of Lake Bonavista was the Keith Construction company and was started in 1967. Fish Creek Park borders the community to the south, and provides a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Another popular neighborhood is Arbour Lake. In the northwest region of Calgary you’ll find Arbour Lake with it’s roughly 11,123 residents. A quarter of which are immigrants making this neighborhood one of Calgary’s most diverse.

The last one worth mentioning is Evanston. Situated near the northern edge of Calgary and is one of just five communities within the Symons Valley. With roughly 4500 residents, Evanston holds that quaint neighborly feel to it where everyone knows everyone else and there’s always a helping hand when you need it.

As you can see Calgary offers a wide selection of amazing places to live at affordable prices. With Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria dominating housing market chatter, Calgary offers a reprieve or shall we say…safe haven, from the bubbles of the big three.

What Happens When Realtors Pay Attention to International Buyers

Just a few years ago, real estate professionals didn’t have the tools and resources the Web now provides to them, to get hold of international real estate purchasers.

As it is the case in any sector, when opportunity comes up like it has in international real estate, it cannot go ignored.

international brokersGiven the numbers from 2017 we know that foreign real estate traders accounted for a little over $153 billion of the entire deals in the USA which subsequently was an increase of the previous year of a massive 50 percent. What’s more this represents ten percent among all domestic real estate transactions in the USA. That’s as stated in NAR’s 2017 Profile of International Activity in USA Domestic Real Estate.

One particular encouraging facet to dealing with international clients, from the realtor’s perspective, is deals including an international buyer have the tendency to return higher commissions. Best of all the reality that many international investors are affluent wealthy elites searching for worthwhile opportunities and premium luxury 2nd or getaway properties.

Do not assume this will be simple to acquire and break in to, the foreign real estate investor sector.

Getting in front of good Costa Rica real estate buyer prospects is tough and can entail added challenges including language barriers that domestic deals just dont have.

China dominates the headlines across the world when it comes to international business and in real estate this is especially true given the data indicates that of the overall sales volume in the United States to international investors, China has 50% of that. All in spite of limitations such as language and social variances.

international realtorsSo is there a more suitable way for real estate brokers to position themselves for this awesome, lucrative market?

CPROP’s end-to-end digital exchange administration platform was created to expose real estate professionals to international prospects and encourage them to safely and transparently close deals.

Technology is really vital for any deal from start to finish. Here are a number of distinctive tactics any real estate professionals can take advantage.

Enroll with a trustworthy international console

Hedging in on the international real estate market isn’t simple for real estate brokers who’ve not ventured here previously. Don’t go getting all dollars signs in your eyes versus thoroughly researching where on the net these communities may possibly exist. Once you’ve uncovered them you’re going to have to hedge inwards and gain trust within the international real estate investor community.

Something you will want to check for is sections of the web with service providers that supports automatic language translations.

Think confidence and security

As the old saying goes, long distance relationships rarely last, then again in this case they can and do you only have to plan especially in the case of cross language communications.

Recognize that within any international real estate deal there ought to be internal security and external trust details to address to guarantee easy transactions.

Technology progresses at an extraordinary speed and today blockchain technology has joined the mix and forever changed the manner by which realtors conduct business on the net. Blockchain allows real estate contracts to generally be so highly protected/encrypted that blocks any changes be unnoticed.

On top of that another excellent upside to making use of crypto money in transactions is the security for the investor in knowing their money is safe.

Get trustworthy, effective collaboration

Each and every realtor realizes, even finalizing regional deals is usually a challenge, however when you venture in to the international real estate buyer/seller marketplace, this might be even moreso true.

Successful real estate agents, when asked, at any time will tell you the status of their impending contacts, leads and contracts. Can you?

An electronic digital transaction administration system built for international contracts that helps parties through each step of the closing process are usually particularly helpful here. Transactional transparency through out any real estate transaction is vital but couple that with a technology that can enhance your flow particularly producing security, would forever alter the industry.

Cheat Sheet: Questions Your Should Ask A Realtor before Choosing Them


If you are interested in obtaining property, realtors hold the keys to the kingdom—so to speak. They know all the listings, they know how to match what you are looking for versus what is presently in the market, and they should also ideally be able to guide you through all the paperwork.

This is why the realtor that you choose should be someone that you can rely on. So how do you do that, exactly? You talk to them of course. There is no law that says that you should go with the first realtor that you talk to. Instead, you should set up an appointment and ask some pertinent questions.

If you aren’t sure what to ask, here are a few that you can use:

How long have you been a realtor?

Knowing how long someone has been at their business can be used as a marker of how well they do their job. After all, no one stays a realtor for long if they cannot make a sale. At the same time, if sales are all they focus on, they will not get as highly recommended. Realtors that have been in the business for at least five years will have solid connections.

What is your policy about documents?

Not every realtor has the same policy about the documents that you need to sign. There are those that only require your signature as your input and there are those that will provide you with your own copies prior to signing. If you are buying a property, they will be able to provide you a buyer’s broker agreement, agency disclosures, and a couple of other things.

To Close

A good realtor can make the difference between good options and bad ones. You can try to go online to see realtors in your area but do not forget to interview them before you make a decision.

Don’t Go In Alone: Two People You Should Have With You When Viewing Real Estate


When you are on the lookout for property it can be a pretty daunting task. Options can be quite overwhelming and it can be easy to let your emotions get the better of you. Real estate is something that can continue to cost you money if you make a poor decision. This is why when you are fully serious about buying a piece of real estate you need to take certain people with you.

Here are two people that you should have with you when viewing real estate:

An Engineer

In order to get an idea of how old or new a structure is, an engineer is the one to ask. They will be able to ask some pertinent questions that you may not have on hand. If you happen to have a friend or a family member that happens to be an engineer, ask them if they can spare some of their time. However, this is really important. Their time equals money so make sure that you have a set route or set places that you want them to see.

A Realtor

While there are people who will tell you that you can just walk up to houses or buildings with a ‘for sale’ sign, I would highly dissuade you from doing so. After all, it may not be safe. Times being what they are, it is important to be very careful. A realtor is there to make sure that the listings that you visit are legit. They can also preview any locations to check if they fit your specifications. If there’s any new properties that just hit the market that day, your realtor will let you know. This is particularly important if you are aiming to purchase international property.

To Close

Real estate can be one of the best investments that you make. You just have to make sure that the piece of property that you are looking at fits the bill.

Making Your Money Work: Why Real Estate Remains a Good Investment

When it comes to thinking about the future, finances are always in the discussion. The goal is always to have a sustainable source of income—something that will produce profits with very little to know continuous effort on our part. This is the beauty of making the right sort of investment. Now, when we think about investment it is not out of the ordinary to think about real estate.

To this day, real estate—especially commercial real estate—remains to be one of the top choices for investment and when done right, can be a good investment that can last you for generations. Here are a few reasons why:


If you manage to secure a commercial property, it has so many uses right away—especially if it is in a pretty good area. Commercial buildings can great bases for businesses that are trying to get a foothold in their field. Even when one business folds, there are many others that are on the lookout for prime spots to help out their business.

Steady Rise of Value

When you buy the right type of real estate at the right location, you can be pretty much assured of your ROI (return of investment). If your piece of property wants to be utilized by another entity or person, they will have to either rent the location or be ready to offer you a price at an elevated value.


Real estate is always something that you can pass on to the next generation. If you invest wisely now, you and your descendants may just be able to enjoy massive returns several years into the future.

To Close

Real estate is not something that you should just jump into. Must like any investment out there, it should be planned carefully.  Do a good study beforehand and see if the location is good and consider the type of real estate you are looking at.