Calgary Alberta Sees Growing Real Estate Market Conditions

Like a good rollercoaster, the Calgary real estate market has seen its share of ups and downs. And as of late its been more down than up. Until late 2019 that is…

During June of 2019, and after 3 years or more of a buyers suppressed housing market, Calgary began to see signs of a positive trend in housing prices.

As Canada’s third largest metropolitan, its easy to see why Calgary would be a desirable place for Canadians looking for the most bang for their bucks when it comes to real estate.

With a sub-400k average home cost in Calgary, this also makes buying here attractive. As most already know, the industry driving the economy of Alberta is the energy sector but worth noting also is the fact that agriculture is also high on the list too.

Image courtesy of Real Estate Partners

The lush mountainous surroundings of Calgary offer up some world-class locations including many parks, where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy to their hearts content. Just over an hour and a half away you will find one of the world’s natural wonders, Banff Park.

Banff National Park is a must see bucket list item for many people around the world. Here you can find emerald green lakes, snow capped mountains, and glaciers to name a few. It’s like the dream playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

We could on and on about all the exciting activities happening each year around Calgary but instead let’s focus on some of the most prominent affluent areas that are witnessing their own rise in popularity amongst homebuyers.

Image courtesy of Real Estate Partners

Lake Bonavista is a quaint neighborhood of some 10,500 residents located in the southeast sector of Calgary. The developer of Lake Bonavista was the Keith Construction company and was started in 1967. Fish Creek Park borders the community to the south, and provides a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Another popular neighborhood is Arbour Lake. In the northwest region of Calgary you’ll find Arbour Lake with it’s roughly 11,123 residents. A quarter of which are immigrants making this neighborhood one of Calgary’s most diverse.

The last one worth mentioning is Evanston. Situated near the northern edge of Calgary and is one of just five communities within the Symons Valley. With roughly 4500 residents, Evanston holds that quaint neighborly feel to it where everyone knows everyone else and there’s always a helping hand when you need it.

As you can see Calgary offers a wide selection of amazing places to live at affordable prices. With Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria dominating housing market chatter, Calgary offers a reprieve or shall we say…safe haven, from the bubbles of the big three.