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Hey there! I’m glad you are interested in adding your thoughts toward the betterment of others. Pat Mc Gee Real Estate is a blog that focuses on international real estate—with special emphasis on Latin American locations. The topic of real estate is quite vast and ever changing. What is considered to be an absolute rule in one year can find itself on its rear end in the blink of an eye.

Meaning, there are so many things that can be discussed! That being the way things are I cannot realistically do this task by myself. Therefore, I would like to say that this blog is open for contributors! I and this blog would highly welcome any persons who are interested in publishing their own thoughts and articles about real estate, home maintenance, and the real estate market.

It does not have to be anything highly complicated or rife with legal jargon. It simply needs to take on the topic of real estate in a friendly and conversational tone. It also needs to be 100% original and free from any sort of grammatical errors.

If you think that you would like to contribute some of your thoughts and words to this website, send me a message at