Cheat Sheet: Questions Your Should Ask A Realtor before Choosing Them


If you are interested in obtaining property, realtors hold the keys to the kingdom—so to speak. They know all the listings, they know how to match what you are looking for versus what is presently in the market, and they should also ideally be able to guide you through all the paperwork.

This is why the realtor that you choose should be someone that you can rely on. So how do you do that, exactly? You talk to them of course. There is no law that says that you should go with the first realtor that you talk to. Instead, you should set up an appointment and ask some pertinent questions.

If you aren’t sure what to ask, here are a few that you can use:

How long have you been a realtor?

Knowing how long someone has been at their business can be used as a marker of how well they do their job. After all, no one stays a realtor for long if they cannot make a sale. At the same time, if sales are all they focus on, they will not get as highly recommended. Realtors that have been in the business for at least five years will have solid connections.

What is your policy about documents?

Not every realtor has the same policy about the documents that you need to sign. There are those that only require your signature as your input and there are those that will provide you with your own copies prior to signing. If you are buying a property, they will be able to provide you a buyer’s broker agreement, agency disclosures, and a couple of other things.

To Close

A good realtor can make the difference between good options and bad ones. You can try to go online to see realtors in your area but do not forget to interview them before you make a decision.